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Cal Pyso (For Bare-Sqadron DA group) by AraxussYexyr

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Commission: Mera by WALKINGDEADMANN

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Phara by Montano-Fausto

Mature Content

Battle Ready by ANewENFArtist

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Mature Content

Mature Content

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Mature Content

Bare Squadron - Height Chart2 by burstlion

Mature Content

Meanwhile, on the bridge of the Longclaw... by burstlion

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Keyla And Efia in a barrage! by burstlion

Mature Content

Bare Squadron - Height Chart by burstlion

Mature Content

Bare Squadron: Meditation by jay042

Mature Content

Towel by jay042

Mature Content

Bare Squadron - Mission Breakout!! by GlitchyReal

Mature Content

02-Pharas Breakout by jay042
Keyla Kaeno

Mature Content

Commission: Keyla by WALKINGDEADMANN

Mature Content

Keyla by Raikohplus
She's made of gold - BS Entry Contest by YokaMycelium

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Cheeb commission by YokaMycelium

Mature Content

Kara by burstlion

Mature Content

Kara - Commission for NatureTales by GlitchyReal

Mature Content

Battle Ready by ANewENFArtist

Mature Content

The Hairless Runt Strikes Back! by Egzyle
Cal Pyso

Mature Content

Cal Pyso (For Bare-Sqadron DA group) by AraxussYexyr

Mature Content

Cal Pyso by burstlion

Mature Content

Commission for Byzantinefire1 - Cal by GlitchyReal

Mature Content

Cal Pyso- Light and Shadows by Egzyle
Phara Pyso

Mature Content

Phara by GriefingG0lem

Mature Content

Phara Pyso by Selvarr

Mature Content

[Com] Phara Pyso by Selvarr

Mature Content

Phara by Montano-Fausto
Pyso family

Mature Content

Commission: Mera by WALKINGDEADMANN

Mature Content

Commission: Mera riding a Rancor by CaraSilvaArt

Mature Content

Bare Squadron Pyso Family by Syfyman2XXX

Mature Content

Jace Pyso by burstlion
Bare Squadron: Operation Cover Up by jay042

Mature Content

Bare Squadron - Nikal by 00gojiramon
Comm- At the uprising of the Empire by YokaMycelium

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Commission Bare Squadron Jemini Nude by Shane-Emeraldwing
Star Wars: Bare Squadron - A'Gr'Rrrk by Khialat
Group Shots

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Bare Squadron art contest entry 2 by StoneMan85

Mature Content

Bare Squadron vs Imperial Troops by Syfyman2XXX
Bare Squadron Alternate Universe Stories

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May The 4th Be With You Art Contest

Mature Content

Cal Pyso (For Bare-Sqadron DA group) by AraxussYexyr

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Greetings honorary Wookiees!

As many of you may know Star Wars Day is but two months away. A time for cheap lego, watching the films, playing the games (EA needs to get on that. Two in five years? Seriously) and of course debating the state of the franchise. Oh and this year Solo A Star Wars Story is coming out. Neat.

We here at bare Squadron wanted to take part in the occasion with our second art contest which begins today! Right now! Go start sketching! ;) What are you waiting for? :)

Now for those of you who need more details than just the idea of creating artwork of the diverse cast of Bare Squadron, which thanks to the good work of CaraSilvaArt , 00gojiramon and YokaMycelium has grown even more diverse! Seriously you should check out their excellent depictions of side characters :) #shamelessplug

The amazing characters aside the rules are simple and similar to the previous entry.

1. All pieces must contain one Bare Squadron universe character to be considered eligible. This can be Phara, Mhisha or mayhaps Jacki Blade or the members of Operation Cover Up! There's a wide range of possible characters out there!

2. All pieces must be non-sexual in nature. Kissing and hugging are fine but beyond that, we'd rather keep sensuality toned down. That being said if you wanted to draw these characters clothed (I know Jemini recently got her armour revealed after like a full year XD ) feel absolutely free to do so!

3. Composition wise we welcome all art. Be it traditional, digital, paint or any form of media we welcome it! Beyond encouraging contest entrees to draw their favourite characters, scenes or concepts we've no guidelines as to the format.

4. We'd like to limit submissions to three per artist. Also, know if you do submit multiple pieces and win you will only secure one spot as we'd like to acknowledge everyone's great work.

5. After the art contest is done we'd like to keep all the completed pieces in our DA group. If you have concerns about this please note me for further details!

6. Contest Lasts from March 4th to May 4th at 11:59 PM. Please submit

And now, of course, we come to the prizes!

1st Place Receives: One Year of Core Membership or the equivalent US $50 and a short story of 4000 words written by me.

2nd Place Receives: Six Months of Core Membership or the equivalent US $30

3rd Place Receives: Three Months Core Membership or the equivalent US $15

I invite you all to share this with artists you think may be interested and to leave a comment if you intend to take part! Also if you need any clarification on rules, prizes or what have you feel free to leave a comment or note me! Below you can find some inspiring links!

Be creative and happy and May the Fourth be with you!


Previous art contests entries:…

A semi-complete list of the various characters and their appearances:…

The ever-growing collection of stories to draw inspiration from!:…

Have fun! :)
Mark Hamill has... an interesting theory... about what really happened to Luke after TLJ's Battle of Crait, per this link :iconvalyrian-wildfire626: shared earlier today:…

* * *

“My theory is he just teleported to somewhere else and left his robe behind. He teleported to a nudist colony, that’s what I’m hoping.”

Should that be where Skywalker has ended up, chances are we won’t be seeing a Disney-produced spin-off based in the nudist colony.

* * *

Probably not, but I think we'd all like to see an older Luke arriving on Gymnos-1 to be greeted by older versions of the Squadron (and the Bunch). Or, if we wouldn't, we'd at least find it good for a chuckle or two.
Howdy honourary wookiees!

It's I the writer of Bare Squadron! I hope you all have been enjoying the current BS chapters and you should be seeing more of them soon.

However today I'm looking to the past. As you all may know the first five chapters or so were the works of multiple authors that did great work before I came on. While they did a great job the hodgepodge of styles is offputting to some.

So in an effort to rectify that I will be rewriting the first five chapters from the ground up and will be publishing them on my own page.

Now, what does this change? Realistically nothing. Beyond adding more depth and character interaction the basic events Kara meeting Cal, them joining the rebellion and being taken to Mustafar will remain the same. indeed the original chapters will remain up to honour the work of :iconbarefootzanko: :iconpurefreedom: and :iconntaylor24: .

However, these new chapters will be considered 'proper' cannon (such as it is). I'll be releasing the prologue tonight which ties directly in to Her Perfect Existence and will be followed by the new Chapter 1 tomorrow morning.

Also, I invite you to check out my poll here:… and give me your opinion on it.

I hope you all check these new chapters out and provide some wonderful feedback! I'll see you there!


Greeting honourary wookiees!

As some of you may remember or already know thanks to an earlier since-deleted post by Slack we are wondering once again what pieces of artwork you wish to see! What characters, settings, scenes and groups would you like to see? What artists or medium would you have bring them to life?

We'd like to invite you to offer some suggestions down below on what you'd like to see. Maybe you want to see Alana and Jemini fighting as siblings are wont to do, maybe you want to see Lanei hacking upside down, perhaps you want to see Mhisha in battle the list goes on and on.

Personally I'd love to see a few more images of the guys of Bare Squadron all together either playing cards or in action. I'd also love to see Jemini in full battle armour taking on the Empire on Dathomir or a nice group shot we could use as the header for Bare Squadron.

A note on the big block of text below your eyes. One thing I wish to challenge you is to think of ways to use lesser seen characters. After almost an hour I've determined three characters appear more than everyone else on average. This list is my count for every character's number of visual appearance. It worth the read to be sure and was very eye-opening for me.

Regardless hope you have fun coming up with dream commissions! Be as detailed or vauge as you please! Next BS related pieces coming soon!



The Players by Appearance

1. Phara Pyso- A grand total of 61 visual appearances in the gallery as of this posting. Suffice to say shes got some screen time ;)

2. Caleb Pyso: 59 pictures that involve the original convert to Kara's cause.

3. Kara: 53 Visual Depictions of the original human wookiee.  

4. Mera Pyso: This Nightsister has been in 17 images since she came back into Cal and Phara's Lives

5. Captain Keyla Kaeno: 17 Depictions of Bare Squadron's Commander and member of the founding five.

6. Malya: Despite her sneaky tendencies Malya has appeared in 14 pieces since emerging from the darkness.

7. Jemini Linaki: 13 Appearances by everyone's favourite rough and tumble bounty hunter.

8. Alana Linaki: Tying her big sister Alana has shown up 13 times herself.

9. Efia Bherlold: 11 Appearances of the Squads resident tinker and gunsmith.

10. Ooben Leeq: The original blue man has appeared ten times in visual form.

11. Lanei Tavish: Our hacktivist has appeared in 8 images since her rescue.

12. Agent Nikal: 8 times has Operation Cover Up been unable to scrub this ambiguous agents image.

13. Ohmum De Tal: This one-handed mutant Duros has appeared 5 times with his signature plasma claymore.

14: Kyara Orienor: The female member of the Bare Bunch has been seen 5 times in action.

15. Mhisha Sahshvy: The big gun totting Zabrak has proudly posed for 4 mighty images.

18. Ria Kaeno: This yet to be introduced Torguta has shown up four times as a non-force sensitive lightsaber user.

16. Jace Pyso: The resident cyborg has appeared but Thrice or 3 times in the visual spectrum.

17. Eiru Aul: This old friend of Cal's has been seen 2 times since leaving Mustafar.

18. Captain Darik Sandorn: 1 time has this slab of a man has been seen yet his presence is undeniable.

19. Lieutenant Vonn Varan: An analytical support member of Operation Cover Up Varan has appeared 1 time.

20. The Blademaster: Mysterious, deadly and stylish 1 time has this Inquisitor posed for a picture.

21. Bandon Husk: Obsessed with power and a royal prick Husk's appearances can be counted on 1 finger.

22. Siglonap: His character sheet has been the only visual outing for this disillusioned saboteur.  

23. Terl Stoab: Much like his partner Terl's colourful plumage can be seen on only 1 occasion.

24. Sargent Dea Arimais: Dedicated to healing Alana's saviour has only been featured but once.

Named Character yet to be featured in no particular order.

1. Garook: Kara's Wookiee father and a leader within the Wookie Guerillas.

2. Jacki Blade: A fearsome crime boss and associate from Lanei and Jemini's past.

3. Nassa Urigen: While this psychotic partner of Jacki has yet to make her debut one thing for sure is it will be firey.  

4. The crew of the Gra'Tua: Closely tied to the Linkai sisters this band of Mando's have not made their final appearance.

5. Moff Texom Tylle: The enigmatic and eccentric minister of propaganda and head of Operation Cover Up has remained in the shadows.

6. Walzz Malj: This helpful friend of the squadron and Jace, in particular, remains unseen.

7. HK-JR: The mechanical product of Jace and Cal this robotic caretaker's unique design remains unrealized.

8. Commander Ryon Saxx: This ruthless officers visage remains unknown as his number of victims.

9. Wildfire Company: This colourful band of Rebels continue to lick their wounds in anonymity.  

10. Bruz: The big Rancor continues to happily guard the Pyso's old home on Dathomir.

11. New exciting upcoming characters: As they have yet to appear they have yet to be drawn yet one might hope these diverse scientists, mercenaries, pirates and soldiers will receive their just dues when they appear.
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A story about a Rebel naturist cell battling against the Galactic Empire and all sorts of threats in the Star Wars universe. Anyone who wants to role play is free to enter the discord channel.

Bare Squadron

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