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Deadly Agent - Commission by Raikoh-illust

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{Commission} Phara and Cal Pysos by Thomas-J-Baker

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Phara commission by Koku-chan

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Family Bonding | Commission by xJanKiix

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Pyso family group shot! by burstlion

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Keyla And Efia in a barrage! by burstlion

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Bare Squadron - Height Chart by burstlion

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The Bare Squadron - Naturist Rebels with Attitude! by burstlion

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Bare Squadron in the Oasis by Sci-fiman2xxx

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Bare Squadron Malya at the Falls by Sci-fiman2xxx

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Bare Squadron The Only Boys by Sci-fiman2xxx

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Bare Squadron Girls Night Out by Sci-fiman2xxx

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Commission for SuperSonicWinxKnux - Alana by GlitchyReal

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Bare Squadron - Mission Breakout!! by GlitchyReal

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Felucia Fight by GlitchyReal

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Kara - Commission for NatureTales by GlitchyReal
Star Wars: Bare Squadron - Terl Stoab by Khialat

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Star Wars: Bare Squadron by Khialat
Star Wars: Bare Squadron - Siglonap by Khialat
Star Wars: Bare Squadron - A'Gr'Rrrk by Khialat

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Bare Squadron-Stuck Between A Sith and a Hard Plac by Captain86

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Bare Squadron - Return to Dantooine by Captain86

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Bare-Squaudron by Captain86

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Bare Squadron-A New Enemy by Captain86
Commission - Red eyesight by YokaMycelium

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Commission for ByzantineFire1 - Phara by YokaMycelium

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[Quick comm] Under the light of night by YokaMycelium

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[Quick comm] Mera and Phara training by YokaMycelium
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Bare Squadron Comic (done) by MysticaQueen

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Bare Squadron Phara and Mera Commission by Shane-Emeraldwing

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Ask Phara - Intro! by Byzantinefire1

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Ohmum, Eiru-Aul and Kyara by mature915
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Phara The Turn Coat by Thomas-J-Baker


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A role play story about a Rebel naturist cell battling against the galactic empire and all sorts of threats in the Star Wars universe. Anyone who wants to role play are free to enter the discord channel.
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Jan 1, 2017


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126 Members
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Greeting Squadies!

Tis I Travolore the author of Bare Squadron! As you all may or may not know we've had a few unofficial polls about what art you'd like to see. However endless commissions while fun isn't very engaging. So I am proud to announce we are having our first official art contest with prizes! First the rules.

1. Artists can submit one to three pieces of artwork.
2. Nothing overtly sexual
3. Must contain at least one canon character to be considered eligible
4. Single character sketches, entire scenes and multiple characters are all considered eligible.
5. For consideration, all art must be submitted by December 31, 2017

The Prizes, in US Dollars, are as follows:

First Place: $75
Second Place: $50
Third Place: $25

Not an artist? That's fine! We encourage any followers to promote the contest to interested parties and groups before the due date.

Not sure what to draw? Well in addition to the many character works already floating around there are many scenes on the written side of things that may fuel your creativity! You can find character references here:… and the story here…

Does art style matter? Nope let your creative juices flow!

Where to submit Simply submit your chosen artwork to the group with the tag 'Bare Squadron Art Contest' somewhere in the description at which time it will be moved to an art contest folder.

When will I know the winners? A blog post will announce the three winners just before or after the new year. Winners will then a receive a PM requesting paypal or preferred mode of online payment.

There you have it, folks! If you have any other questions, concerns or clarification leave a comment down below! We look forward to seeing what you guys come up with! Till then stay safe and stay happy!  
Just a question I'm throwing open:

Based on the literature, who do you think the characters would sound like?
Greetings Squad Mates (Squadies? Meh we'll get there.)

As I'm sure you recently saw I posted a blog posting asking you to list your top ten favourite BS characters and ones you'd like to see more artwork of. If you haven't commented on it go do that ya silly boi!

Due to some of the feedback Byzantine is interested in what commissions you guys would like to see. Great as Phara is as you've shown their is a lot of folks you'd all also love to get some spotlight!

So here be the guidelines. Below leave a comment stating which character you want to see, which artist and what type of pose. Also if you wanted to suggest a scene from the written component (you know you want to ;) ) feel free to suggest it as well!

Now to be clear these commissions may or may not happen but regardless we'd like to hear what you are liking and thinking!

As always please leave a comment down below be kind be generous and be free!


Greetings Squad Members!

As the written story starts to take off and for the most part the roster stays the same I have a question for you all.

Which characters would you like to see more artwork of?

List your top ten in the comments with an attached why. Something of a wishlist but hopefully also an inspiration for any inspired artists out there.

Also if you haven't read the written stuff get right on it ya fools! There's some good stuff in there. ;)

This'll probably get me booted from the group.

I followed Star Wars ever since I was a little kid.  I not only loved the movies, I also followed the storyline laid out by the books.  I read about the war with the Ssi-Ruuk, Grand Admiral Thrawn, the New Republic, the invasion of the Yuuzang Vong and so forth.  And when the prequels came out I felt great satisfaction of knowing the movie saga was complete.  And afterwards I discovered the Legacy era, which took place about 130 years or so after the movie saga.  Star Wars had become richer and more complex than I ever thought possible.

And then, Disney bought the franchise, and declared that everything I loved about Star Wars no longer canon.  I was especially angry after seeing Force Awakens.  The movie was nothing more than raw entertainment and barely anything was new about it.  It was essentially just a re-hashing of A New Hope.  In my opinion, Disney has utterly failed to make Star Wars as unique and inspiring as George Lucas and the countless authors who helped make it more than just a movie series.

In conclusion, I will never, ever consider Disney's Star Wars to be the true canon.  I will always stand by the Expanded Universe or "Legends" as it's now called.  The basic reason I decided to contribute to this group is that I think Bare Squadron is a very good idea and I see no reason it can't exist in the Expanded Universe.  

Thank you for allowing me to voice my opinion.
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Becarra Featured By Owner Aug 14, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks for inviting me!

If I wanted to contribute some art where would I put it as you don't seem to have a 3d gallery?
Byzantinefire1 Featured By Owner Aug 14, 2017  Student Writer
Probably featured for now.
Becarra Featured By Owner Aug 14, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
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Thanks a lot for the invite! I'm not sure what I'd be able to contribute though, since I generally only RP with friends. ^^;
Byzantinefire1 Featured By Owner Jun 13, 2017  Student Writer
Want to start?
Byzantinefire1 Featured By Owner Jun 13, 2017  Student Writer
Idrawmywife Featured By Owner Jun 6, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you for inviting me.  What do we do here?  I hope it involves naked ladies.  I really do.
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